Poet Mary Deno-Yeck


Mary has a B.A. with major area of studies in Language & Literature, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, 1960.  She has taught grades K-12  both full and part-time for 15 years.

She also has a M.S.W. from Adelphi University, Garden City, New York, 1985 and worked as a  Therapist and Supervising Social Worker from 1985 through 2005 in special education schools, state and private Psychiatric Hospitals, Community Mental Health Clinics, a facility for the Developmentally Disabled, and as Supervisor of Family Care Homes in the Harlem River Valley for New York State.  

She has a life-long interest in writing (poetry), music, art and literature and enjoys reading about contemporary developments in all the sciences, especially physics, biology and medicine.  Mary says, “I enjoyed travel before old age slowed me down! I’m a political junkie and my major weakness: re-runs of “The Big Bang Theory”.

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Artist Teri Siewert


Teri always knew she had an artist’s heart. She raised 5 children while working as a Registered Nurse for 27 years but continued to dream of being an artist.

In 2007, she started Wallchemy, a decorative finishes business in Orlando, where she studied with the top designers, finishers, and artists in the country. A chance visit to Asheville’s River Arts District in 2010, where she saw encaustic for the first time, was the springboard for a life change.

Inspired by the words of poet e.e. cummings“...remember one thing only: that it's you – nobody else – who determines your destiny and decides your fate. Nobody else can be alive for you; nor can you be alive for anybody else.”

She moved to the mountains and devoted all her time to painting with wax mediums. Teri hopes all will be inspired to find their muse and destiny.

Teri is reading Mary’s poems on this video and also plays the guitar as the background music while she is reading.  From a PAM Jam perspective, she is PAM, a multi-talented Poet, Artist and Musician.

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Musicians TOMBOi


TOMBOi is the creative project of Alexander Eli (he/him), Paige McMullen (she/they) and Summer Wood (she/her). Founded in 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida, their songs blend 90s R&B influences alongside driving guitar melodies and a combination of live and electronic beats. The band originated as an outlet for sharing members’ experiences living as queer folk in the South and has since expanded its reach through community involvement, touring and assisting other LGBTQIA artists.

With releases spanning half a decade, Lobos Remixes (2015), TOMBOi EP (2016), and their first full length album, Spectrum (2017), which propelled the three-piece on a month-long nationwide tour, TOMBOi has played with a diverse group of artists in a range of venues including museums, colleges, fashion shows and festivals.

Redefining their collaborative process, the band has cooked up a series of new songs to release in Spring 2020. In the liminal spaces of introspection, self-acceptance, and loneliness, all intersected by the queer experience, rises a new sound from TOMBOi.  One that feels more vulnerable, but still wants you to get up and dance.

TOMBOi's album Spectrum and their single "Rainbow Warrior" featured on this video traverse the crossroads of gender, identity and sexuality. As a group of people from the LGBTQ+ spectrum, TOMBOi seeks to dissect the outdated understanding of gender and sexual "binary” by promoting awareness, empathy and understanding through music.

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