Poet Chris Bodor

Chris is a first generation American and was born in 1967 in Connecticut to an English mother and a Hungarian father.  After working for ten years in New York City, he moved to Florida in 2003.  In August of 2009, Chris was asked to start up monthly poetry readings on the last Sunday of every month in Saint Augustine, Florida.  During the past 25 years, his poems have appeared in many independent, small, and micro-press publications, such as the Lummox Journal, FM Quarterly, and Old City Life.  He is the Editor-In-Chief of the international literary journal A.C. PAPA (which stands of Ancient City Poets, Authors, Photographers, and Artists).

Chris says, “I am so blessed to be a part of the inaugural PAM Jam. In August of 2019, Cindy Wilson from Butterfield Garage Art Gallery told me that 18 of her gallery members wanted to collaborate with the Ancient City Poets.  I went to work pairing and seeking out poets to team-up with the Butterfield artists.  Laura O'Neal and I had been in touch over the years. I was drawn to her work because of her use of words in her paintings. During our conversations over the years, she never hid the fact that she had the sole of a poet.

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Artist Laura O'Neal

Laura is a visual artist working in mixed media, mostly acrylic.  She works on canvas and wood panels and also paints murals.   

She says, "I strive to be tuned into “present moments” in my life as inspiration for my art.  I write prose and poetry.  The word swirl I create becomes the foundation of my work and serves as the “energy body” of the piece.  My art is energetic and expressive. My process involves journaling on the blank canvas.  Sometimes those words are dark and painful. I create the prose or poems from the positive words that come to the surface. I apply the different media so that the words remain obscure.  My pieces take on a happy, cheerful tone because HAPPINESS is a choice!"

Laura spent many years as a visual display artist and interior space planner and holds a BFA in Art & Design.  She is co-owner/curator of ArtBox137 in Saint  Augustine, Florida.  She is also a yoga teacher and four humans call her “Mom.”  When not in the studio or teaching yoga classes, you can find her surrounded by a myriad of young adults and rescue dogs.

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Musicians Skin & Bonz

Skin & Bonz, aka Joy D’Elia, Tommy Bledsoe and Kathe O’Donnelly, present a fast-paced, entertaining program of traditional music and dance.  The music is a cross between old-time string band and bluegrass, with a splash of American folk. Audiences become engaged in the performance by singing along and by joining in a quickly taught square dance or reel to the lively sounds of  guitar, fiddle, bass, and banjo.

Kathe O’Donnelly joined Skin & Bonz in 2015.  She provides strong lead vocals and harmony and plays rhythm guitar.  Kathe is a talented visual artist and former exotic animal trainer. The three of them come together to provide some good old-fashioned harmony singing and music.

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