Poet Natalie Beltrami


Natalie has always wanted to do it all!  She was only able to graduate from the University of California at Berkeley when a Humanities major was introduced – which embraced multiple majors. She has been an English teacher in California and Michigan, worked in market research and television news in Portland, Oregon and ghost tours and hands-on history programs here in Saint Augustine, where she calls home. 

Natalie is also an actress and has performed in plays at the Limelight Theater since 1992, at A Classic Theater and appeared in two feature films. She is an award-winning artist, published writer and a member of the Tale Tellers of Saint Augustine and Ancient City Poets

And in 1992, she, along with her partner, Smokin’ John, won Best Whole Hog in Florida… twice!  As you might have guessed, her mantra is:  “Variety is the spice of life!”

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Musician Janine Newfield


Since a young child Janine was naturally driven to pick up and play by ear any musical instrument she could get her hands on. Being raised in Hawaii she enjoyed a lot of freedom “gypsying” around the island on city buses, toting her surf gear and fiddle case ready to join in with any musician along her path when the surf wasn’t up.

Since her earliest memories Janine enjoyed spending an unusual amount of time on her own. She considers music “the gift” that helped maintain a healthier balance, driven by her love for accompanying others. Janine considers accompanying others one of her more developed talents, nearly ranking up there with her mermaid skill set.  After years of crossing the continent playing music, Janine settled in Saint Augustine to raise her son.

In more recent years she has enjoyed accompanying her own violin performances simultaneously by using her feet on an invention, she calls the “Toe Jam”.  Most recently, COVID-19 has redirected her to revisiting unfinished musical compositions, unfinished writings, drawing Gorillas, and gardening. The music “Lullaby of Light” is one of three musical compositions composed after reconnecting with her love after his passing.