Poet Natalie Beltrami


Natalie has always wanted to do it all!  She was only able to graduate from the University of California at Berkeley when a Humanities major was introduced – which embraced multiple majors. She has been an English teacher in California and Michigan, worked in market research and television news in Portland, Oregon and ghost tours and hands-on history programs here in Saint Augustine, where she calls home. 

Natalie is also an actress and has performed in plays at the Limelight Theater since 1992, at A Classic Theater and appeared in two feature films. She is an award-winning artist, published writer and a member of the Tale Tellers of Saint Augustine and Ancient City Poets

And in 1992, she, along with her partner, Smokin’ John, won Best Whole Hog in Florida… twice!  As you might have guessed, her mantra is:  “Variety is the spice of life!”

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Artist Art Hughes

Art is an award-winning fine art nature photographer living in St. Augustine, Florida with his wife, Arielle. He has been creating images of nature for more than 15 years and strives to create photographs that are a timeless celebration of the beauty around us. Art aims to foster a deep appreciation of the natural world through his work and hopes to encourage others to cherish and protect our environment.

Art says, “From a young age I’ve been drawn to open, natural places. When I spend time in these settings, I feel a connection to the world that often eludes me elsewhere. It is this connection to nature that first drew me to photography. Capturing images became a way to freeze the moments when I felt most at peace and revisit them any time.

Since 2014, Debra has resided in her adopted hometown of Saint Augustine, Florida, where she is an enthusiastic member of Butterfield Garage Art Gallery. Her work is available through the gallery, on her website, and at various outdoor art shows throughout the state, where she has won a number of awards. In 2019, Debra seized an opportunity to escape the corporate world and transitioned to become a full-time artist. She looks forward to continuing with learning, exploring, and pursuing expression through her art.

When sharing my work with others, I hope a sense of peace and adoration for natural places can be shared as well. Whether through direct connections to specific locations or through more intrinsic associations for viewers, I hope my images invoke similar connections to nature and encourage us all to take active roles in preserving natural places. “Thank you for spending time with my work!”

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Musicians Shari Little & Dennis Fermin

Shari is a career educator who has taught language arts, dramatic arts, and the art of teaching for 28 years. As an art enthusiast, she has appeared in multiple theatrical works locally, has had paintings in a gallery, and has performed music at Saint Augustine’s “Sing Out Loud” festival, as well as at Saint  Augustine’s Jazz Society. She believes that through the arts, people of all cultures have a chance to enjoy beautiful expressions together, stop all the “fussing and fighting” as Bob Marley used to say, create awareness of problems, and work together to solve those problems. She has organized three “Flash Mobs for the Homeless” over the past several years and looks forward to resuming that event when the pandemic passes. In the meantime, she is absolutely thrilled to participate in the PAM Jam Project!

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Dennis Fermin on Spanish Guitar hails from the roots of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and even further to Spain, as he shares his beautiful and uplifting music.  Even as a child he was playing instruments and performing at large family gatherings and thus his passion for music began. Coming from a very musical family it wasn’t that hard for him to follow his chosen path that now has touched the hearts and lives of many from the U.S. to the Spanish Caribbean Islands. His music takes you to your favorite exotic getaway destination, a place where mesmerizing waters and rich ancient cultures come to life. 

For Passion & Romance from Spain to the Caribbean Islands:

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