Poet Robert Waldner

Robert Waldner has been a dedicated poet and writer since childhood.  His life experiences have largely shaped his literary works.  Robert has been an active member of Ancient City Poets since 2013 and has led many of the monthly open mics.  For the past five years he has actively written articles for multiple Northeast Florida publications. You can also find his poetry and essays in various literary anthologies.

Special thanks go out to Photographer Dan Voellinger for his exquisite photography complimenting Robert’s PAM Jam poetry, as well as friend and Musician Sam Pacetti for a deep conversation that inspired the piece “Stillness In The Age Of Progress”.  Robert would also like to thank his wife Stephanie and his three children for keeping him inspired every day.

Please help my friend Sam Pacetti Battle Lyme Disease and Donate to his Go Fund Me Account


Artist Dan Voellinger

Dan grew up in Rochester, New York and was involved with photography at a young age.  He made his own pinhole camera which used Polaroid film and used cameras passed down when relatives upgraded to new ones. Since many of his relatives worked for Eastman Kodak, photography was a popular discussion topic and activity.  He also worked for Eastman Kodak as an Intern for one year during his last year of High School. 

As an employee of the Kodak Marketing Education Center he received free film and developing, before the digital age. The experience of using film cameras through the years following the internship at Kodak had given him a greater understanding about planning and composing a shot since you didn't want to waste any film or incur the cost of developing bad shots.

 He has been working for the Navy for over thirty years and had the opportunity to travel the world, with his camera always in hand. Japan had been his base for most of the thirty years. With the move to Florida a few years ago he’s had the chance to experience some amazing places here in the States, and the opportunity to meet and learn from many experienced photographers. 

He loves to learn new things and ways to produce images that people will treasure.

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Musician Sam Pacetti

Sam Pacetti grew up in North Florida, hardly known as a hotbed of either folk tradition or musical innovation. At age 13 he found the music of both Chet Atkins and Merle Travis, profound influences on his early musical development. Then fate intervened shortly afterward in the person of Gamble Rogers, the legendary picker and raconteur from Saint Augustine who took the young Pacetti under his wing. It was a time of astonishing musical and emotional growth.

Pacetti and Rogers met and played weekly for a year, until tragically Rogers died while trying to save a drowning tourist caught in an undertow at Flagler Beach Florida. Though brief in their time together, Rogers was able to instill in Pacetti the importance of the folk process, the passing of music and oral tradition from teacher to student. Pacetti still counts Rogers as his most influential mentor.

Sam Pacetti is one who brings it all together. A finger-style guitar wizard. A deft songwriter, capable of haunting depth and wry humor in the space of one song. An impassioned and ecstatic vocalist, as well as a mesmerizing live performer, seamlessly melding head-spinning guitar pyrotechnics and raw emotion into one breathtaking package.

Pacetti represents a culmination of the best of the American and British traditions. His 1997 Waterbug debut, Solitary Travel, garnered critical raves. "This guy is very good, indeed," deadpanned the highly respected (and highly critical) UK magazine Folk Roots. And Dirty Linen, the influential US roots publication, opined, "Although the woods are full of young guitar virtuosos, few have developed the style, technique and artistic wisdom of Sam Pacetti. Solitary travel heralds the arrival of one of the most talented instrumentalists and composers to appear in acoustic music in a month of Sunday’s”.

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