Poet Patricia Konover


Pat was born on a small island in extreme southern New Jersey, and the sea has been integral to her being ever since!  While in school, she won several local and statewide writing and visual arts contests, and, among many extracurricular activities, served as student newspaper and yearbook editor while in high school. Following college, with undergrad and graduate degrees in the field of education, and a stint as a military wife whose husband had two tours as a pilot in Vietnam, she relocated to Southwest Florida in 1973.

Her professional life was spent in public schools in a number of positions, including teacher, state agency consultant, specialist, and various administrative jobs, primarily in the field of Exceptional Student Education. Additionally, at various times, she owned part-time catering, design, and consulting businesses, while being involved as a volunteer and/or Board Member for Rape Crisis/Spouse Abuse Centers, Art Centers, Poetry Workshops for elementary age students, Special Olympics, United Way, and student service scholarships, and coordinating summer thematic programs for Gifted students.

In 2000, Pat relocated from Naples to Saint Augustine, Florida and found home! Ultimately, upon retirement in 2008, she began focusing more time on artistic pursuits while continuing with lots of volunteering. As a member of Write People, Ink and Ancient City Poets, she is writing more, and has had a number of poems published. The visual arts part of her soul is more fulfilled also, as Pat continues to create in a number of mediums, and she won first place in the Maine State Photo contest in 2011. She currently serves as a docent for the Saint Augustine Art Association.  Pat continues to enjoy a lifelong love of travel and connecting with incredible people, and has been fortunate to have had wonderful sojourns, some short and some much longer, in 41 countries so far!

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Artist Nan Szypulski-Lewis

Nan’s mosaics are rooted in the classic techniques and have an unexpected whimsy and are a delight to see. They literally sparkle as you study them.  Nan  came to the visual art world serendipitously, thru a summer project with friends.  Her schooling was in Music Therapy with a Masters in Speech Pathology. The group set out to learn six mediums and became so enthralled with mosaics they stayed with that. They honed their skills through books and lots of practice.  In the process they learned of Luciana Notturni, a famous Mosaic Artist and restorer of ancient mosaics throughout Italy.  With Luciana and her crew of mosaic artists, Nan learned the ancient classic methods, which changed the way she made mosaics forever.

Mosaics with patterns and pictures became widespread in both Ancient Greece and Rome with the rise of Christianity in the 4th century. Modern mosaics as art or as popular craft arose in the 19th and 20th centuries and continues to grow as an art form. Nan continues to be mesmerized by the entire process: finding inspiration in visuals and visions, drawing out those inspirations, selecting colors and textures in glass and delighting in the sounds of cutting, breaking and sorting through the tiny pieces for that “one” that has a place in the piece she is working on. Today’s artisans work with stone, ceramics, shells, art glass, mirror, beads, and even odd items like doll parts, pearls, beans, and even hardware pieces.

Nan explains, “There is for me an addictive element in laying out the pieces and very often there is a place that is reached that is both peaceful and meditative, a place that is very often a deeply spiritual place for me. Working through the problems of contour and shading, among many other challenges make for fascinating growth. All these parts of the mosaic process continue to absolutely delight me – mind, body and soul. Making something of beauty out of nondescript tiny pieces of glass....from brokenness to complete wholeness is a very beautiful thing to experience.” Nan has been featured in the Gainesville Sun and has been a regular at the Gainesville Sidewalk Art Fair. She has been a member of Butterfield Garage Gallery since 2015.

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Musician Thomas Milovac


Thomas Milovac Jazz Group, comprised of Thomas Milovac on Double Bass, Justin Mendez on Saxophone, Joel Klein on Tenor Sax with Syoma Klochko and Zach Muth on Guitars, is an ensemble based out of Jacksonville, Florida focused on performing new works and exploring new possibilities in music.  With a wide range of influences, the group embraces both modern improvisational sounds and looks to re-contextualize musical traditions.

Thomas is a recent graduate of University of North Florida with a B.M. in Jazz Studies. He has appeared at events including the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, performed in the All State Jazz Band as a junior in high school, University of Central Florida's All-Star High School Jazztet and the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Thomas is a recipient of the Amelia Island Jazz Scholarship and he is also a sponsored artist with the HAPCO Foundation. He has led ensembles ranging from an orchestra to a nine-piece “small big band” as well as duos, performing his own arrangements and compositions, which have received awards and statewide recognition.  This group formed specifically for PAM Jam and created the music for this video!

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