Poet Jamie Galley


Jamie is a proud feminist human being who is never quite satisfied with the being part and instead chooses to spend her time doing a lot of things, including reading and writing poetry, making art and smooching her kid (who is also a poet and Participant of PAM Jam).

She also enjoys fumbling fingers on her ukulele while attempting to sing instead of scream, getting lost in deep conversations with friends over crafty cocktails, practicing yoga, and running miles and miles while pondering the purpose of life.

She is currently working on publishing her first collection of poetry,  “Night Blooming Flower”.  Her mixed media artwork, “No Longer Silent” was published in A River Rising – Anthology of Women’s Voices produced by Women Writing for a Change, Jacksonville, Florida.

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Artist Tina Henle

Tina Henle is an award-winning freelance photographer with over forty years of photographic experience.  She grew up on the island of St. Croix in a family of artists, the second daughter to photographer Fritz Henle.  Acquiring her first camera, a 35mm Rollei at age twelve and a twin lens Rolleiflex at age eighteen, she then ventured on to various other formats as her career unfolded.

In 1984 she received a degree in Art and Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and worked and mentored with her father throughout the 1980's.  She has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in the Caribbean and the US.

“I am a wanderer at heart and have traveled extensively throughout the world documenting diverse cultures and landscapes. I have always been a “straight” photographer with little or no manipulation of imagery, attuning to optimal compositions and lighting, often seeking an abstraction of subject or an irony and ambiguity of a situation. Photography has offered me the most immediate expression in the visual arts in seeing the world as it is.” 

Tina resides in Saint Augustine and Saint Croix where she freelances as a commercial, wedding and portrait photographer.  She is the co-owner of  Henle Studio Art Gallery in Saint Croix along with her brother Martin Henle and exhibits her work at  Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in Saint Augustine.  She travels worldwide to continually add to her portfolio of creative fine art photography.

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Musician Thomas Milovac


Thomas is a recent graduate of University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Music specializing in Jazz Studies

As a student he was a member of the All State Jazz Band in high school, University of Central Florida's All-Star High School Jazztet and the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra.

He  has performed at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival and is a recipient of the Amelia Island Jazz Scholarship and a sponsored artist with the HAPCO Foundation.

He has led ensembles ranging from an orchestra to a nine-piece “small big band” as well as duos, performing his own arrangements and compositions, which have received awards and statewide recognition. Thomas recorded original music for this video.  Look for Thomas and his five-piece Jazz ensemble who also created an original score for another PAM Jam video.

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