Poet Dylan Galley

Dylan Galley started writing poetry when he was five years old, by writing his thoughts and feelings in journals. 
He’s eight now and he is inspired by everything around him.

He likes poetry because it calms him down and he has good feelings while doing it. He believes poetry inspires the world with its calming and peaceful words and sounds.  

Dylan is the youngest poet to participate in PAM Jam along with his mom, Jamie Galley. Both Jamie and Dylan are members of Ancient City Poets and enjoy reading their poetry on the last Sundays of the month at the Corazon Cinema & Café in downtown Saint Augustine.

Watch Reading at Ancient City Poets @ Corazon Cinema

Artist Jan Miller

Jan has been an artist for over 47 years and came to Saint Augustine from Chicago over 27 years ago. She founded the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in 1999 and the gallery has been a major contributor to the art scene in the Ancient City ever since.

Jan says, “I have always been a very prolific artist and have been honored to have my work in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States. I had been a still life painter for much of my career but have created “Gourd Characters” for the last several years. The features of the character are built up with paper clay and the body is composed of found objects, like cans, bottles, vases found in resale shops.  Jan uses mixed media, paper mache and acrylic paint to complete the sculpture.

Jan says, “No matter how much I try to control what the character becomes, I usually surprise myself as the creative energies have their own way.  The end-result is usually humorous and a joy to make.  Dylan’s poem about Love prompted me to do a sympathetic character holing a heart in their hand”.  

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Musicians Saint Augustine Youth Chorus ~ Director Kerry Fradley

The Saint Augustine Youth Chorus was founded by Director Kerry Fradley in 2004. The Chorus is sponsored and supported by the Saint Augustine Community Chorus.  SAYC is an auditioned choir of 30 singers from around the Saint Augustine and Saint Johns County area and provides motivated young singers with a superior choral experience of learning and performing high quality music. We sing a variety of music, art songs, folk songs, spirituals, and just fun songs.  Part of every rehearsal is devoted to vocal techniques, music note reading, and learning more about the music.  We sing unison, 2-part, and 3-part songs. The Chorus performs regularly with the Saint Augustine Community Chorus and First Coast Opera as well as at Disney World and Sea World.

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