Poet Dr. Ben Atkinson

Dr. Ben Atkinson is an Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences at Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida. Active with Ancient City Poets, he’s been a featured reader in Florida for events such as Jax By Jax Literary Arts Festival, Sing Out Loud Festival and in Pittsburgh, PA at Southeast Sister Cities Reading Tour and several other venues around Pennsylvania.

His poems are published in CadenceChelonian Conservation and BiologyFacets, FM Quarterly, and Refractions among other outlets. 

Recently, Ben and his work were featured on the Scribbler’s Corner podcast, recording at River of Grass Studios in Jacksonville. His debut collection Spider Lightning was published in 2019.

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Artist Ron Vellucci

Ron’s work celebrates the journey of the creative process, born from conceptual images inspired by his imagination and realized using the tactile, organic attraction of wood, stone, metal and other natural materials. Throughout this process there is a continuing dialogue that takes place between the materials and the design, as well as a commitment to enduring craftsmanship.

The process involves creating a fluid vocabulary, through a language of materials. The finished work offers the viewer a visual message, constructed from layers of tactile materials and subtle details. Ron says, “I often use a variety of materials: metal, stone, fossils, found objects, light or digital imagery – but wood and metal are often the primary materials”.

Deciding what palette of woods to use, the grain direction and figure, subtle changes in natural coloration, decisions on relief relationships, overlays or inlays, contrasts in texture, color, or material, subtle or dramatic detailing…these are just some of the decisions that take place throughout the creative process.  It is through these sensitive relationships and conversations that each piece is born. The closer you look, the more you will hear that in the “language of materials”.

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Musicians Quarter Roy

In August 2018, three students met their freshman year at Flagler College and formed the band Quarter Roy and have been jamming on the Saint Augustine music scene ever since. They include Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist Gabi Yost, Lead Guitarist Tyler Cooper and Bassist Kaylie Gesky.

Quarter Roy is influenced by West Coast beach and surf music from traditional bands such as The Beach Boys and The Ventures as well as more contemporary ones like Wavves, Alvvays, Best Coast and Fidlar . 

Says Yost, “We draw a lot of inspiration from The Cranberries and Frankie Cosmos. Both bands have a way of portraying an idea and making it so effortless and beautiful, and I really like to try to incorporate that into our songs, while keeping them relatable.” 

Cooper adds, "I think we do a good job at pulling from the genres that we each enjoy to meet in the middle and create what is Quarter Roy." Quarter Roy has been featured in many publications that support musicians and the arts and you can catch them playing around town.

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