Poet Tanya Grace

Since childhood, writing has been a burning passion for Tanya Grace.  Once upon a time, a college professor extinguished that flame when he discouraged her from pursuing writing and advised her to give up because her work would never be ”good enough”

Decades later, the spark was reignited when she joined Women Writing for (a) Change, a writing community for women in Jacksonville, Florida. Her pain found purpose.  Through this sacred writing circle, she was surrounded by women who genuinely support and motivate one another. She found her tribe and now embraces her creative side while exploring various styles including freelance, essays, journaling and poetry. Her most recent work Butterfly Root is being published and featured in their (a) river rising Anthology: Roots and Branches edition. Tanya believes it is important to make room for emotions in writing which can also provide a healthy outlet for self-care. 

Although born in the Northeast, she considers herself a Florida girl who thrives in a warm, tropical climate.  She spends most of her free time at the beach, riding her bike, joining an adult kickball league, frolicking in a butterfly garden and traveling by plane, train or automobile.  Proud mom to four children – Levi, Gabriel, Zoe and an angel in heaven – Genesis, she often tries to find balance between the demands of juggling family and a career as a Healthcare Provider. Tanya says, I desire to leave a legacy for my children and even when I am no longer present, my words will remain.”  

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Artist Marsha Hatcher

Marsha was born in south Georgia and received her Bachelors of Art degree from Albany State University.  She now lives in Jacksonville, Florida where she has created art for the past 30 years.  A military wife for many years, Marsha traveled around the world and her art captures these experiences and the people she meets along the way.  She is an artist who loves creating art and her artwork defines who she is and her passions.

Most of her art is painting people of color as her subject matter and her work is in many private collections.  Acrylic, oils and sometimes wood are her preferred materials, and she employs a variety of techniques, experimenting with colors and different mediums to keep her viewers excited. Marsha has competed in art contests where she has placed in every category.  She recently was awarded her second Art Venture Grant from The Community Foundation.

Marsha is a member of Hopewell, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and founding and current Board member of Jacksonville Cultural Development Corporation formerly (JCAAA) and The Art Center Cooperative, one of the PAM Jam Partners for 2021 Fall Arts.

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Musician Craig Frazier

By day, Craig Frazier is an Information Technology Solutions Analyst but by night he is a Musician that spins a variety of songs. He presents a fast-paced, entertaining program combining electric, pop and dance.  Audiences become engaged in the performance with uplifting beats and lively catchy tunes.

For PAM Jam JAX, Craig contributed several original compositions featured in the following videos:

  • 04 Muse of Words features Sundowners”
  • 05 Yellow Pants features “Sleep Surfer”
  • 06 Go NOW! Now GO! features “Saturday Walk”
  • 08 Joy features “Flora and Fauna”
  • 10 Beach Thoughts features “A Rose in September”
  • 12 Poet’s Mind ~ Deadlines! features “Falling”
  • 13 To Be Determined features Time Complexity”