Poet Shani Naeema

Shani Naeema is the pen name for Shani Hall, an IT Project Manager who is also an emerging Artist, Poet and Entrepreneur. She is a member of North Florida Poetry Hub and Women Writing for (a) Change and the PAM Jam Coordinator for JAX. She has been published in several magazines and anthologies and is working on her own line of books.

Shani’s contributions to PAM Jam included poems, artwork, photography and the creation of several videos along with the help or her large extended family in Florida and their company, Timing Perfection. And some of her daughters created video 03 Motherhood Between the Lines about their experiences and relationship to her as their mother, a loving tribute to the woman they call “mom”.

Shani says, “My passion is sharing my stories through the swirls and twists of color from my brush, though the promises of delight captured by the shutter click, or though the birth of new worlds arranged by pen on paper – each representing a unique piece of my world for you to enJOY!”

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Artist Julie Feldman

At the center of Julie Feldman’s creative expression is the melancholy of nostalgia and the sense of mystery and discontent.

Inspired by personal photographs and found imagery, her paintings dwell mainly on the face. Deliberately blurring the space between figurative and abstract, she veils, distorts focus and manipulates the images so that the original source is not always apparent. Working primarily in oil on canvas, her  palette is predominately one of strong contrast and limited color, delving into the soul of the photographs that are her inspiration.

Julie says, “There are seldom backgrounds in my paintings, as the images float outside of time and without any contextual reference, pushing faces into close ups and highlighting emotions. The women in my paintings are both vulnerable and strong, conveying their strength in haunting and expressive eyes that invite the viewer to create their own narrative or meaning.”

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Musician Craig Frazier

By day, Craig Frazier is an Information Technology Solutions Analyst but by night he is a Musician that spins a variety of songs. He presents a fast-paced, entertaining program of combining electric, pop and dance.  Audiences become engaged in the performance with uplifting beats and lively catchy tunes.

For PAM Jam JAX, Craig contributed several original compositions featured in the following videos:

  • 04 Muse of Words features Sundowners”
  • 05 Yellow Pants features “Sleep Surfer”
  • 06 Go NOW! Now GO! features “Saturday Walk”
  • 08 Joy features “Flora and Fauna”
  • 10 Beach Thoughts features “A Rose in September”
  • 12 Poet’s Mind ~ Deadlines! features “Falling”
  • 13 To Be Determined features Time Complexity”