Poet Laura Dill

Laura is an emerging Visual Artist, Poet and Writer working in acrylics, mixed media, photography, poetry and essays. On these unimagined paths, she has found courage and seeks to challenge, heal, and transform through brush, pen, and lens. 

Her journey began with painting and participating in local Art Walks in 2019 to overcome anxiety and PTSD. She quickly became recognized as a talented artist and in 2020, had her first Solo Art Exhibition in Players by the Sea’s Gallery and two paintings in the FemArt Gallery International Virtual Art Exhibition “Where the Wild Women Go”.

During the Pandemic, she began exploring poetry and is a member of North Florida Poetry Hub, Florida State Poets Association and Ancient City Poets where she participated in her first Open Mic.  Both her artwork and poetry for the 2020 international project 100,000 Poets for Change are part of the Stanford University Permanent Archives and she will be participating again in 2021. Laura’s poetry was part of the public displays for National Poetry Month in Downtown Jacksonville in Spring 2021.

Laura’s art and poetry are published in Women Writing for (a) Change Anthologies (a) river rising: Vol. II, (2020), and Vol. III, (2021) and both her art and poetry will be showing in their Rivers, A Journey Beneath the Surface Art Exhibition running Fall 2021.  Laura also is collaborating as both a Poet and Artist in 2021 Fall Arts ~ PAM Jam JAX.

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Artist Mary Beth Blevins

Mary Beth Blevins is a Deaf-Blind Artist from Palmetto, Georgia.   She says, “I was inconsistently shy as a child. Either talking too much or not at all.  It was not uncommon for me to talk for three hours straight then say nothing for the next few days.”  A voracious, life-long reader, it wasn’t until her mid 30’s that she began to paint. “I was new to Jacksonville and went through a phase of trying hobbies.  One day I tried a YouTube painting tutorial.  It was like the floodgates released.”

She began selling her paintings under the Pseudonym Mabs”.  “I would get these little bursts of ideas and what-ifs, walk into the garage and paint.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  I’d look up videos on Youtube.  When I was brave, I’d post the results on social media.  Only a few select people knew I was painting.  The Pseudonym gave me permission to take public risks and fail.”  She specializes in Acrylics and now owns ArtByMabs.

Mabs is a current member of Jax Art Studios and Board Member of The Art Center Cooperative, one of the PAM Jam JAX Partners, and recently her work was on display at MOCA’S “Imagination Squared 10”.

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Musician Craig Frazier

By day, Craig Frazier is an Information Technology Solutions Analyst but by night he is a Musician that spins a variety of songs. He presents a fast-paced, entertaining program combining electric, pop and dance.  Audiences become engaged in the performance with uplifting beats and lively catchy tunes.

For PAM Jam JAX, Craig contributed several original compositions featured in the following videos:

  • 04 Muse of Words features Sundowners”
  • 05 Yellow Pants features “Sleep Surfer”
  • 06 Go NOW! Now GO! features “Saturday Walk”
  • 08 Joy features “Flora and Fauna”
  • 10 Beach Thoughts features “A Rose in September”
  • 12 Poet’s Mind ~ Deadlines! features “Falling”
  • 13 To Be Determined features Time Complexity”