Poet Cynthia Butler-Jackson

Mrs. Cynthia Butler-Jackson was Georgia born and raised. She has lived in Jacksonville Florida for over 20 years. She claims “I am arboreal, a Tree planted by water with many divergences. An existentialist Writer, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, History Realist, and Freedom Activist.  My objective is to never become a victim nor be silenced again!” 

Her writings are viewed by some as out-of-the-box and enthused by others as trauma-informed wisdom, a trove of jewels such as: He Thinks He Knows Me, But He Don’t; Sweet Naomi; Branches of Sweet Naomi; Before the Deity’s Famine; A Mother’s Justice; Go, Now; Humbug, and A Letter To My Younger Self (London, England).

Her enthusiastic style of writings navigates readers and listeners on how to push through their most difficult times even when it appears no one believes in them.  She says, “I want them to know they’re not alone!”

Cynthia donates most of her writings across the globe in the hope her readers not only for enjoyment but to catch hold of her “diegesis to obtain their quaesitum”!

Artist Dr. Susanne Schuenke

Artist Dr. Susanne Schuenke’s fine oil paintings and watercolors possess the technical old-master quality. Her unique stylizations and the rich nuances of her palette enhance her compositions. The panorama of Susanne’s artistic content moves from lyric-narrative stories to philosophical themes and socio-political topics.

In the narrative surrealistic artwork of Susanne one can find fascinating connections between form and color, discover an animated dialogue, or start a meditative journey into new dimensions.

Dr. Schuenke has presented her works to an international public in one-person and group exhibitions in England, Germany, France, and the United States.

Paintings of Susanne Schuenke are exhibited in public, corporate, and private collections in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Lebanon, and South Africa.

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Musician Craig Frazier

By day, Craig Frazier is an Information Technology Solutions Analyst but by night he is a Musician that spins a variety of songs. He presents a fast-paced, entertaining program combining electric, pop and dance.  Audiences become engaged in the performance with uplifting beats and lively catchy tunes.

For PAM Jam JAX, Craig contributed several original compositions featured in the following videos:

  • 04 Muse of Words features Sundowners”
  • 05 Yellow Pants features “Sleep Surfer”
  • 06 Go NOW! Now GO! features “Saturday Walk”
  • 08 Joy features “Flora and Fauna”
  • 10 Beach Thoughts features “A Rose in September”
  • 12 Poet’s Mind ~ Deadlines! features “Falling”
  • 13 To Be Determined features Time Complexity”